The Relapse Prevention (RP) group is an on-going weekly group. Individuals who are at any point in their recovery from mental health or substance abuse challenges may enter the RP group at any time. There is no specified time length, and therefore can be tailored to your specific needs at any given time. The interactive group process helps individuals to learn from one another, to provide support and encouragement to those who are struggling, and to learn from weekly topic discussions involving addiction and mental health. Topic discussions are focused on education, skill building, early identification of warning signs, increasing tolerance and acceptance of uncomfortable feelings, developing the ability to verbalize thoughts, feelings and needs, accepting the need and importance of help, re-establishing or developing healthy relationships, and many others, with a primary emphasis on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectal behavioral therapy (DBT) components.

Treatment Goals:  

  • Identification of relapse signs
  • Identification of the causes of relapse
  • Development of specific intervention strategies to interrupt the relapse process
  • Understand the early warning signs of psychiatric problems and how they contribute to relapse

The Relapse Prevention group is open to anyone 17 years and older struggling with addiction and/or co-occurring illness. This group may be right for you if you are working to prevent relapse in:
Addictions: Alcoholism, Drug Addictions, Eating Disorders (anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive over-eating), Gambling Addictions, Internet Addictions, Sexual Addictions, Spending Addictions, or other addictive behaviors. CoOccurring Illnesses: Major depression, Anxiety disorders, Bipolar disorder, ADD/ADHD, and other mental health illnesses.

Those persons who are currently in therapy will need a referral from their treatment provider (primary care physician, therapist, or psychiatrist). Individuals who do not have a referral will need to schedule an appointment for an initial assessment with a therapist prior to beginning this group.

To enter this weekly group (or to ask additional questions), please contact Sheryl at (616) 949-7460 x127.  Most insurances are accepted.